Sassy Assassin Super Power Hour “Pro-Edition”​ | What is P.A.C.E.? | Kristin Rohan Episode 1

HUZZAH, we are back in #business! #SassyAssassin #SuperPowerHour #ProEdition Episode 1 | Sharing #SassySecrets of what is #SuperPowerPACE…join the party!


  • how I got un-stuck in my business by answering 6 simple questions
  • how I decide my ideal clients
  • how I moved my business into a super power P.A.C.E. – and what moving at a super power P.A.C.E. is!

Want to learn how you can move your business at a super power P.A.C.E.? Connect with me at or visit…let’s get this party started!

I Like Being Me (Big Band version feat. Jean Bean) by Uncle Neptune…_Like_Being_Me

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